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industry-led, non-legislative compliance scheme designed to provide solutions to farmers for a more environmentally responsible end of life management of their used non-packaging agricultural plastics at the lowest possible cost.

APE UK have proudly contributed to the collection of

of non-packaging used farm plastics


We provide farmers with a sustainable solution to the environmentally responsible management of non-packaging agricultural plastics throughout the UK and aim to increase the quantity and quality of plastics collected. APE UK is a non-profit organisation.

Agricultural Circular Economy

The principle of Extended Producer Responsibility and the participation of all stakeholders ensure that farm plastics are collected and recycled at lower cost to the farmer and that recycled product is included into useful new product.

Collect and Recycle
your farm plastics


Manufacturers and importers of agricultural plastics have backed the launch of the scheme. Merchants, famers and their unions, associations, and cooperatives as well as industry and government bodies are invited to join the management of the scheme.


All collectors are invited but not obligated to join the scheme. Farmers can continue using their usual collectors. The scheme supports farmers and collectors to increase the quantity of non-packaging plastics collected and encourage best practice throughout the UK.


APE Europe brings together companies involved in the production and supply of non-packaging plastics used in agriculture, with the core objective to provide environmentally responsible solutions to farmers or the end of life management of used plastic.

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