About Us – Why APE UK?

Agriculture Plastics Environment UK has supported the collection of 13,868 tonnes (2021-2022)
of non-packaging agri-plastics


What is Agriculture
Plastics Environment UK?

APE UK is an industry-led, not for profit body funded by manufacturers and distributors/merchants supplying farmers and growers.

Our collective intent is to ensure the environmentally responsible management of agricultural plastics and to improve the affordable recovery and recycle rates of farm plastics to support sustainable farming initiatives.

Our end goal is to create conditions where sustainable farming thrives with agri-plastics playing a key, equally sustainable role. 

The Agri-Plastics Issue

Agricultural plastics play a vital role in UK agriculture / horticulture in the sustainable production of all forms of farm produce. However, these benefits are only sustainable if there is an effective, affordable structure in place to help farmers get this used plastic off their farms. 

There is also a growing focus from the Government, retailers, and wider society to find ways to reduce the reliance on and increase the recycling and circularity of used plastics. And help reduce agricultures carbon footprint and Scope 3 emissions as a result.

Currently, less than 30% of used agri-plastics are recycled in the UK. This compares to over 90% in Ireland, 75% in France for example.

Agriculture, Plastics, Environments’ goal is to help build a national plastics recovery and collection scheme to increase UK agri-plastics recycling rate to 80% within 5 years.

Plastics recycling in agriculture in 9 steps

Our Goals and Commitments

As not for profit, industry led collaboration, our singular objective is to develop affordable, accessible and practical
plastics recycling options for UK farmers and growers 

Engage with government to support and incentivise agri-plastics recycling.

Support the development of a UK-wide, locally focussed and cost effective agri-plastics recycling service for farmers and growers.  

Inform, engage, and motivate all stakeholders (Farmers, NFU, Government, civil service, food retailers, distributors and manufacturers and environmental organisations) in the sustainable
use of agri-plastics in agriculture
and horticulture, for the good
of our nation’s environment
and food security. 

Meet Our Team

Ian Creasey

Chief Executive Officer

Bernard Le Maine 

President APE Europe

Virginie Roell-Lacaille


APE Europe

The leading European industry association supporting the sustainable use and recycling of agricultural plastics across Europe

APE Europe is the professional representative body of plastics for agriculture in Europe. APE promotes the technical use of plastics in agriculture and the development of National Collection Schemes for used agri-plastics across Europe, while offering an information exchange platform to its members. Our members constitute 80% of the European Market for agricultural plastic films, bale nets and twines.

Agriculture Plastics Environment UK is a member of APE Europe, and as a result benefits from over 20 years of agri-plastics recycling experience and industry knowledge. 

APE launched initially in France 21 years ago. Recycling rates across agri-plastics in France, both hard and soft, are now at over 75% compared to less than 30% in the UK.